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As part of the Barters Island Bees commitment to raise awareness of honey bees and honey bee products we will periodically highlight other Maine suppliers who are commited to providing excellence to the marketplace as well as a commitment to support the protection of bees and the environment. Main St Bee and Zen Bear Honey Tea are two companies who meet these requirements.

Years ago, when co-founder Lisa Ferrel was helping organize her sister’s home, she stumbled across a box of honey jars. They were made by her nephew, a doctor of Eastern medicine and a practitioner of the Ayurvedic technique — a sort of yoga for food. The jars were also over 10 years old. But honey is a natural preservative that doesn’t go bad. So, Lisa and her sister softened the crystalized honey in hot water and gave it a taste. What they tasted was not too sweet and “oh so delicious”. A truly unique flavor that had no comparison. After fine-tuning the recipe, Lisa, along with her husband Frank, took the honey tea to the Common Ground Fair, which focuses on  sustainable food methods. They sold over 1,500 jars in just a few days. Now, along with their family, they sell thousands of jars of Zen Bear across the country each year, bringing flavor and a zen-like experience to all those who enjoy their variety of honey teas.

My name is Melissa Dupuis, owner and creator of Maine Street Bee. As an organic gardener I spent many a summer day nose to antenna with insects and pollinators that used to occupy a large presence in our environment. My passion for the environment has played a huge role in my life and was the inspiration for my business. I utilize beekeeping for the creation of honey, natural beeswax skincare products and a pet product. I am committed to keeping harmful chemicals out of our products using only natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients, and plastic-free, compostable, recyclable packaging with zero negative impact on the environment. It’s that simple. Feel the Goodness. -Melissa Dupuis

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I love the passion of this company and what they stand for!  Tasty honey, honest owners, and a mission to save the planet by partnering with honeybees.

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Ricky M.

Without bees, we're sunk as a planet. So getting delicious, healthy, raw honey from Barter's Island AND helping support bees is a win-win!

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Brad V.

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Barters Island Bees is your destination for health, raw honey and other incredible honeybee products. We’re on a mission to raise bee awareness in the world, and part of that is providing delicious recipes and supporting environmental non-profit organizations working to make sure bees are taken care of the world over. Contact us today to learn more!

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