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Barters Island Bees

Maine Mousse: Cinnamon

Maine Mousse: Cinnamon

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Would you rather eat a moose or a mousse?  You can get both here in Maine ....but our  creamed honey is a lot easier to get than the 4-legged creature!  Our honey mousse is infused with organic Ceylon cinnamon and then stirred multiple times over a period of days until the crystals in the honey blend into a creamy, mousse-like texture.  This honey isn't runny, but more like the consistency of fluffy peanut butter.... thick and deliciously creamy!  Maine Mousse is made in small batches right here at our apiary.  Perfect on toast or bagel!  Sold in an individual jar or as a part of the Bee Flight.

Size:  8oz jar

Ingredients:  Raw Honey, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

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