Bee Help Organizations

Bee Help Organizations

Environmental Charities Working For a Healthier World

When it comes to running our business, we believe what you give back to the world is just as important as what you receive from it. The Barters Island Bees team believes it’s our responsibility to help protect the environment we live in, and we support non-profit organizations working toward that goal. We donate the bulk of our profits to local, national and international environmental charities focused on ending world hunger and returning the world around us to its former healthier state.

More Than Just a Honey Company

Creating a company that raises awareness about the plight of honeybees, and so all of nature, is how we’ve chosen to make a positive impact on the natural world. We want to give more than we take while we’re here, and using our business to support non-profit organizations make a difference in bee health is one of the most foundational ways to do that. We donate a large portion of our earnings to organizations such Heifer International and Good Shepherd Food Bank to help them provide food to those who need it.


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