Collection: Maine Mousse - Creamed Honey

Creamed honey sounds like it might be made with cream or butter, but it is 100% raw honey.  How does it get its creamy, mousse-y, silky texture?  We gently stir our 100% raw honey with a small amount of crystallized honey for a long time...48 hours to be exact!  During that process, we add 100% organic dried fruits and spices to create the amazing flavors that you love.  It is then put in jars and set in a 57 degree cabinet for 5 days to set into the luscious creamed honey we sell.  

Our honey sits on a spoon like peanut butter when you dip it out of the jar.  That makes it perfect for topping a scone or piece of toast.  But it is also delicious in tea.... or salad dressings (with just a little olive oil and a nice vinegar)!  Or spread over roasted meat or vegetables (think Ginger Maine Mousse over pork or Pumpkin Spice over roasted carrots for the holidays).  However you use it, it's as healthy and delicious as honey can be!