Collecting Pure Honey: How Beekeepers Protect Hives Near Biddeford

Collecting Pure Honey: How Beekeepers Protect Hives Near Biddeford

It’s hard to deny the appeal of honey, whether you use it for baking, as a sweetener or even as part of your skincare routine. Responsible harvesting of pure honey is the best way for beekeepers to ensure the health and longevity of the bee colonies they care for and continue providing you with the honey you love. If you’ve ever wondered about where your raw honey comes from so you can feel good about your purchase, learn more about this careful work done by dedicated beekeepers. 

Beekeepers Don’t Take All the Honey

One of the reasons that bees make honey is to sustain themselves during the winter. Responsible beekeepers ensure they leave plenty of honey for the bees, and only take some of it. 

Gathering Honey Helps Prevent Overcrowding

Removing some honey from a bee colony helps make room for bees to continue making honey and honeycomb so the queen has a place to lay eggs and the larvae can feed. Otherwise, the colony may be at greater risk of collapsing because too many bees leave due to overcrowding. 

Honey Collection Gives Beekeepers an Up-Close View of the Hive

When beekeepers gather honey, they take the opportunity to visually inspect the hive and the health of the bee colony. They assess the growth and wellness of the hive, identifying potential areas of concern so problems that can be solved are addressed quickly.

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