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Natural Honey Bee Farm in Maine Sharing Honeybee Facts About the Incredible Importance of Bees

One of nature’s most interesting and helpful creations, bees don’t just provide the world with delicious and healthy raw honey; their amazing contributions to the environment are incredibly important. Awareness of basic honeybee facts helps us understand and appreciate what these little creatures do for all of Earth’s plants, animals and humans.

Why Learn About Honeybees?

We at Barters Island Bees have a particular interest in educating the public about the wonders of honeybees. We’re passionate about sharing that knowledge so others can help support efforts to protect them.

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Honeybees are the only insects that produce food eaten by humans.

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A honeybee visits between 50 and 100 flowers during one collecting trip. Along the way, it pollinates the plants so they can reproduce, which is crucial to our environment.

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To produce a pound of honey, bees fly about 55,000 miles and visit about 2 million plants and flowers. A single honeybee will make about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
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Honeybee queens are essential to the process of making honey and can live up to four years if properly cared for.
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Honeybee activity makes up to 80 percent of crop pollination in the United States.
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Honeybees communicate by dancing, and even vote for things like the location of new colonies. If enough worker bees imitate a scout bee’s dance, the motion is passed!
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The population of honeybees in the United States is in decline due to environmental factors. Since they’re responsible for the pollination of 35 percent of our food supply, it’s crucial we do everything we can to protect them.
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The tips of a honeybee’s antennae have around 300 taste sensors!

Honeybee Facts Help Us Appreciate Them 

Barters Island Bees is your destination for health, raw honey and other incredible honeybee products. We’re on a mission to raise bee awareness in the world, and part of that is providing delicious recipes and supporting environmental non-profit organizations working to make sure bees are taken care of the world over. Contact us today to learn more!

Amazing Honeybee Facts To Help Us Better Appreciate These Little Creatures

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