An Update: Look for us at the Boothbay Farmers Market through Mid-October!

An Update:  Look for us at the Boothbay Farmers Market through Mid-October!

Update:  We've spent our first summer at the Boothbay Farmers Market and we've had an amazing time there.  What we've learned:

1.  Market vendors are amazing.  Week after week, they bring their bread, honey, flowers, produce, coffee, shortbread, jams and honey (!), to name only a few, to provide visitors with the best Maine has to offer. 

2.  The people who visit the market (a mix of visitors and residents) are about the nicest people on earth.  There's just something about this crowd!  They stop to chat, buy or don't buy, and wish you well.  We have made so many new friends, and even met neighbors through our time at the market!  We wouldn't trade it for anything. 

3.  Market visitors have bought more honey and creamed honey than we would have ever imagined.  Your response to our products has exceeded our expectations over and over.  Thank you for every purchase!  You have inspired us in our work and we are deeply appreciative of your business.  

Donna and Denny 

PS.  From last spring when we were planning to go to the market:

This year, Barters Island raw honey products will be among the beautiful, wholesome organic food and handmade products offered at the Boothbay Farmers Market.  This market has been at the center of Boothbay for 20 years.  It's close to the Boothbay Railway Village and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, so visitors can make a day of it.   Our bees forage at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens quite regularly so we sometimes refer to it as their Coastal Maine Botanical Gourmet Buffet!  

So yes, our bees are going to town making honey, and our honey will be going to town to the Farmers Market!  We're especially excited because it will give us a change to interact with customers and get feedback about our honey and our Maine Mousse creamed honey.  For those of you who are Maine Mousse converts already, you'll be excited to learn that we will be introducing 2 new flavors at the Farmers Market.  

We are very excited to be a part of the Boothbay Farmers Market!   Please come visit us at the Boothbay Common (by the roundabout) every Thursday morning, 9am-noon, beginning May 18th.  


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