Honey has long been loved around the world for its many positive qualities. It’s a staple sweetener in baked goods and beverages. Many people turn to it for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And of course, a healthy hive that generates lots of honey means the bees are thriving, and the surrounding plants that rely on honeybees are, too. When buying honey of your own, you may have the choice of filtered or unfiltered honey. Learn more here. 

What Does Filtering Do?

When honey is collected from honeycombs, it usually includes very small particles like pieces of the comb and pollen. If it’s going to be filtered, that honey passes through a very fine sieve that traps the solids so that all you’re left with is pure liquid honey.

Same Taste

The tastes of unfiltered and filtered honey are virtually indistinguishable. The tiny solids removed from the honey don’t add or take away anything from the flavor. What makes honey taste different is the type of flowers and plants visited by the bees that make it.

Cloudy Look

Because of the minute particles in raw and unfiltered honey, it may appear cloudy compared with filtered honey. You may also notice that it doesn’t pour quite as smoothly due to the impurities when it’s unfiltered. It’s still safe to use, and you shouldn’t notice any difference in flavor. 

Ready to Try Unfiltered Honey Near Lewiston?

Barters Island Bees is your source for delicious raw honey and other incredible honeybee products. We also help you learn more about royal honey, unfiltered honey, and our amazing bees, and we provide you with delicious recipes using honey. We also support environmental non-profit bee organizations working to protect honeybees all over the world to preserve a bee-you-tiful future. Contact us to learn more!

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