Once you get a taste for honey, you may become eager to try new kinds. Wildflower honey is distinctive in so many ways, making it highly desirable by people who love to add honey to tea or smoothies, use it as part of their skincare routine or rely on it as a topical anti-inflammatory. Learn more here.

It’s a Unique Type of Honey

It’s easy to think that this kind of honey is basically the same thing as any other kind of honey, but it’s not. Only honey that’s harvested from bees that have pollinated wildflowers exclusively earns this label. 

Which Wildflowers Does the Name Refer To?

The term “wildflower” refers only to the type of plants and flowers pollinated by the bees that made this honey. Honeybees may frequent asters, coneflowers, milkweed and summersweet flowers, for example. That’s the reason why the taste of this kind of honey varies slightly from place to place; it depends on what kind of wildflowers the bees visited. 

How Can You Buy This Kind of Honey?

It’s available as raw honey that’s unprocessed beyond being filtered of any honeycomb pieces that might be in it. You may also find it as an ingredient in baked goods, skincare products and sweets, although the honey may lose some of its healthcare benefits after being heated or processed.

Interested in Getting Wildflower Honey Near Brunswick?

Barters Island Bees is your source for delicious raw honey plus a broad range of incredible honeybee products that we ship nationwide. Our goal is also to help our customers learn more about wildflower honey and our amazing and hardworking bees. We’re excited to provide you with delicious recipes using honey and we also support environmental non-profit bee organizations working to protect honeybees all over the world to preserve a bee-you-tiful future. Contact us for your raw honey fresh from our own bees!

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