Maintaining a diet of natural foods carries many advantages for both your health and the environment. Less processing means more nutrients working for your body, and fewer negative impacts on the planet we call home. Consider the health benefits of raw honey below and ask yourself if it’s time to make a change in your nutrition. 


Natural, unprocessed honey is full of antioxidants that bring a wide variety of health benefits to the body. Antioxidants help protect us from cell damage, and also slow down the aging process by helping to keep our respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems in good health. 

Antimicrobial Properties

Unprocessed honey also has incredibly effective antimicrobial properties that can be beneficial in a number of ways. Its healing abilities and can help with wounds and ulcers when topically applied or ingested. It also acts as an antifungal with many antibacterial applications, making it a great choice for helping to keep your body free of unbeneficial bacteria. 

Soothes Throat Issues

One of the best uses of raw honey is as a soothing agent for a sore throat. Honey not only works wonders keeping your voice and throat in good condition when you’re healthy, but it’s also comforting when you have a cold or other throat problem. Adding a little to lemon tea not only makes a delicious drink, it soothes sore throat symptoms when you’re sick. 

Begin Enjoying the Health Benefits of Raw Honey

For these health benefits and many more, Barter’s Island Bees is your source for delicious raw honey and other incredible honeybee products. We also help you learn more about amazing bees, provide you with delicious recipes using honey, and we support environmental non-profit organizationa working to protect honeybees all over the world. Contact us to learn more!

The Natural Health Benefits of Raw Honey

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